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In Brief: Pinsan honors, cowdorks, Sonia b-day recap

OK, are you ready? In order to faciliate more posts I’m creating a new feature called “In Brief”. No, that doesn’t refer to the treasures I find “in my briefs” the morning after a night of Pedro Pepper’s firehouse chili con carne special. This feature will consist of a quagmire of quick quips, quintissential questions, and quazy quandaries from my recent experiences. Lower quality means higher quantity.

First up, pinsan honors. Congratulations to my cousin Tara on landing a new job and starting her career in event planning! She’s moving from the Old Bank District to her company’s lofty new digs in the Artist District! But she’s not the only one moving. Congratulations to pinsan Eileen who’s going to graduate school at the University of Connecticut this summer! Wow! She’s gonna be the most advanced pinsan ever!

Second, a blurb of a different color. You ever see those asinine billboards for some country music station that reads “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” and features the image of the aloof grin of some jockish white oaf-hick? What is that station trying to say? Is it some sort of pro-creaton procreation/promiscuity message? And with what type of person does that billboard connect? Lame. Should be “Save a horse, trample/shoot/maim a cowboy.”

Third, happy birthday to Sonia! She joins the Quarter Club now. Whoo! Got together with folks to celebrate and Maggie had the quote of the night: “Man, now they always shaft you on the fries! I hate that ‘Super Size Me’ movie!” Mike Cordero led the alcohol charge, barking orders to load up on free drinks with all the precision of a nostalgic WWII general. Musical highs included Sonia and the Girls’ tear-jerking, spine-tingling, gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, ear-canal-exploding karaoke rendition of “I’m a Slave 4 U,” and the scheduled performer’s fantastically good acoustic guitar “Like a Virgin” shout-along — no joke. As usual, my photography was breathtaking and hopefully I’ll have some of those photos in the distant future. All in all a great way to cap off the week. …One day early.

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Tara said:

YAY!…That will suffice for now.

Natalie said:

* Congrats Tara and Eileen!!!!!!!!!!!!

* Maggy’s exact quote was “Man I hate that Super Size movie cuz now they shaft you on fries.” What can I say, she doesn’t go to UCLA Law for nothin.

* Thank you Mr. Cordero for keeping the eye on the prize.

* Happy Birthday to all the April babies! (Tauruses What What??? RAISE THE ROOF!)


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