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Stress and the pre-launch vision cycle

ITU’s defense: it’s fair b/c govts decide their own delegations & it’s "unlikely" scary topics will be addressed anyway

On Dec 3rd govts again try to centralize the internet, this time through the UN’s ITU. Learn more, voice your position:

Immensely grateful for my family, friends, my love, and this slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

Interesting read. Passwords aren’t good enough. tl;dr social engineering trumps strong passwords/passphrases.

The Christmas is coming! `mplayer

.@ChromiumDev are fixing the HTTP content-negotiation caching bug! This’ll reduce complexity in HTTP APIs, web app code

HTTP #caching footnote #712: Only Chrome won’t cache a resource w/ cache-control private if transported over SSL w/ self-signed certificate.

The "drum roll" on New Girl! HAHAHAHA

Looks like France will retain its 200+ year stranglehold on the ti tle of First Nation to Have Revolutionaries’ Backs. #trèsmagnifique