Who ordered the scrambled brains?

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oh lord, i’m afraid to do this to my face: :ecaf ym ot siht od ot diarfa m’i ,drol ho

"LES is going to hell in a handbasket." Both were a block away: http://bit.ly/mPE3pM #homesweethome?

24 hour Best Buy! Can’t go another minute without an A/C.

Deployed to the staging environment.

Way to go, New York! #marriageequality

DoBro ho’(me) is don fo sho! It’s no mo, yo! Ooooh!

This ain’t yo mama’s Hoarder’s screencap!

Bye bye countless bags of clothes.

for a few weeks i’ve had half a mind to try coffee mixed with sparkling water, and i finally tried it. verdict: horrifying.

Too much packing left to make Marina+Diamonds’ show. In only partly related news today isn’t in the running for Best Day Ever. #argh e999999