Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Michael uncensored. (But heavily filtered.)

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Weeks before being blanketed by snow, NYC is blanketed by an amazing amount of Christmas decorations.

As I scarfed my salad from Chop’t I noticed a dead ladybug in my next bite just before it got to my mouth. x_x Lunch at Subway from now on.

Conversation #4.

Jonas’ drink of the night: Pepper bombs!

Four Four Lokos for four locos, please.

Wings, pasta, now this. I extrapolate that next we will be eating blocks of pure lard. There should be no question tomorrow as to the cause of our deaths.

Soulful soul food makes us so full.

Pick me up.

Paul Revere lived in this house on the left! (Actually looks a bit spooky!)

Warm and cozy.