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Finally saw Star Wars, Episode VII: A New Episode IV. Pretty good!

I was just thinking… Now, call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be easier if he just changed his name to Donald Asshole? I mean, it’d be a lot more efficient - a real time saver for all involved. Someone should send him a note.

Donald Trump Calls for Barring Muslims From Entering U.S.

Or put another way, as long as there are mass shootings, (certain) politicians can and will extort the NRA.

Citizen deaths = campaign dollars.

RIP Scott Weiland. Lots of memories listening to Purple, the first CD I owned.

Well, obviously Obama is intentionally, specifically and covertly arming the desparate and mentally unstable in order to instigate more mass shootings, in order to create a groundswell of support for gun control, in order to disarm the public, in order to institute a communist dictatorship. Duh. #cognitivedissonance?

Women are paid 78% what men are paid for the same work. Unacceptable. #EqualPayDay #HeForShe

78% equal pay day

Mulder+Scully find comma-v files detailing a conspiracy in Caml’s early development, in The .FSX Files. #failedspinoffs #fsharp #ftl

Latest Azure VM update broke OpenVPN, splitting my dist’d Mongo cluster & my Sunday sleep. Lesson: disable MongoMMS alerts Sat. nights? #zzz

That time I took back my life. #1024 #2048 #131072

Finally blessed by @spolsky to use the office Marzocco. Mornings (and afternoons (and evenings)) are about to get very productive. 8)