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Archive for March, 2011

Love the absurdity of the show Wipeout. Metaphor for daily life?

Time for a little Blue Album. #90s

What came first: the suit, or matching pajama tops and bottoms? #quora

Biggest letdown of C# dynamic? Can’t access members of anonymous classes created in other assemblies w/out friending. #wompwomp

….followed by The Sex Pistols, Deee-lite, and Offspring.

@reBar is the best! Bartender Brian is awesome and DJ played Robyn!!!!!!

Forget pickelbacks. It’s all about the baconback. #saturatedfat

After 2 grueling days of minimal documentation, vague error messages & silent failures, I finally implemented by own WebSockets server!! :D

Building a WebSockets server; the draft 76 handshake is so over-engineered! What insecure engineer came up with this chest-puffing nonsense?

Oh #NYC. How conformist and afraid your poseur #hipsters are. Thanks to the 2 people that cheered for the 2nd encore with me. #royksopp