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Call Paul out, Barack!!!!! Yeaah!!

Frat boys racially prejudiced? Social conservatives championing political incorrectness? UC is a model of diversity.

Heck ya I’m the mayor of the gym!!!!

OMG, I can’t stop laughing at this answer to the question "What are some must-have Windows programs?"

Intervals, baby!

Gah! The downside of having a good task organization system is that you seem to find more tasks to organize than without one. :P

Oooh Chocolate Cheerios!!

Wow 100 degrees in the SGV.

Agggh, this guy’s been chatting there for 10 min. The strength of his cologne will has permanently damaged my olfactory nerves.

Heck ya, y’all! Got rdiff-backup working from my Macbook to my server! Finally got all my bases covered! Next, offsite backups to S3! :D