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PSA: hard disks can tell if they’ll go kaput soon. Tools can monitor this & notify you: PC http://bit.ly/awhkxR , Mac .

completed storage upgrade w/o hitch! 1st time in 5yrs lol. XFS+RAID5 4×250G@7200 to 4×500G@5400. Slow disks but big cache/low power. Green!


DUMBO arts festival

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Um forget about PBR, poseurs. It’s all about Schlitz.

Not right in the extreme. sigh.

ahhh the perks of working at a top 10 global investment bank: once-every-four-months pizza party, baabbbbyyyy!

finished Freaks and Geeks. Turned out to be so good. It’s always bittersweet finishing a good series.

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