Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Up to the millisecond crap about Michael .

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The centralization of influence around billionaire extremists in wake of Citizens United is nothing short of alarming:

mentally prepping for the worst effects of the storm: local newscasters rehashing the same bits of news nonstop for the next 48 hours.

New hobby: reading Wiki. articles of one nation’s atrocities as written in language of contemporary economic or cultural adversaries.

aw man. first #they tell us we’re getting a hurricane, now we’re supposed to worry about werewolves as well? #awman #fullmoon

Re non-evacs: If I turn out to be right & you turn out to be dead that’s not a great equation. -Christie #debbiedowner

Props to @WholeFoodsNYC workers. They got this place under control. Giving out free cookies too! & NYC’ers are behaving themselves as well!

Heeding Mother Nature’s annual, gentle reminder to NY’ers that it’s the time of year to take down your AC unit. #hurricane #endtimes

Speed of light in a vacuum, gravitational constant, Planck’s constant, me standing behind tall person at a concert. #physicalconstants

Having a Sierra Nevada Extra IPA before the extra IPA (intelligent pop acoustics) & after the extra IPA (incredible programming awesomeness)

Radio shows, Western-ness, and science enthusiasm don’t make you right.