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Archive for February, 2011

Hourly office push-ups & isometrics, brah! & Cardboard-box enabled standing desk allows for a little work-workOUT multitasking! GTL+x64 FTW!

KAPOW! SMACK!! BONK! Just manhandled C# to work around its buggy support for contravariance in multicast delegates. (http://bit.ly/g0yM2J)

Beautiful, sunny, FREEZING day.

Recent study of 4500 men: exercise didn’t mitigate the risk associated with the high amount of sedentary screen time.

3 hours and 2 re-installs later, 1 Visual Studio no longer crashes on startup. *sigh*

Standing desk, configuration 2.

Natalie spinning out some code at my standing desk, configuration 3.

Snow be meltin’! :D

First post-NYC-migration concert! Feels good to be back. And Valentine’s Day part 2!

Twas as good as it looks.