Who ordered the scrambled brains?

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Lookin forward to Yelle tonight! http://vimeo.com/20535037 And learn myself some chimie physique!

Hmm, that was not my favorite week. TGIEODF.

death of cursive: Regardless of beauty and "fanciness", I use it because it’s faster. Tho I don’t mind that stigma. ;)

hits nail on the head of pres citizenship #conspiracytheory. I recall a recent pres w/far more questionable legitimacy

Filipina in training.

greatest chrome extension of all time?

Feels good to have your feeling-bad validated in print.

Why do I have to work tomorrow??!?!? :$ #thursdayisthenewthursday

The worst part about NYC weather is post-Winter, that mid-Feb to May slog. (Except of course 4/21!)

New lighting project on Park Ave.