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Archive for October, 2011

Picking up trace amounts of triglycerides & queso fesco. Without 750mg of enchiladas verdes, I might not make it.

Glad to see #NYC lifted the 21-and-older-only policy in the #LES for #Halloween.

Halloween candy. Deciding between organic oat bran mini pretzels or snickers fun size bag.

Oh man, 23rd and Lex. Just saw Asian Sergio Flores going wild on his sax. 54°F and sleeveless.

It’s snowing already. IT’S SNOWING ALREADY?!


Oh you know… Just a little Lower East Side Kanye West sighting.

Buffered MOSCOW: simple, novel software estimation approach provides quantitative way to say "no", share risk, & C.Y.A.

So morbidly curious, Nutcracker 3D: "a world of proto-Nazi space-ranger rats led by a nasty singing Andy Warhol rodent"

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