Who ordered the scrambled brains?

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The best thing about being a full 5′7″ is staring at the back of taller people’s heads at concerts. #bestthings

Is Aimee Mann the only player in the sad-dance-folk space?

Quotent quotables: "Feels Like: 7°" "General admission: $16 + 2 toes"

It gives me GREAT JOY when Parallels starts multiple VMs & pegs my CPU, then the Win7 VM installs updates when I click Shutdown w/o Updating

I kid you not folks, that’s an undercover police taxi cab. #NYC is one paranoid town. #copcab

Partying with my boy, Eric Van Der Woodsen.

#SOPA-supporing news outlets aren’t covering SOPA. Scary. Another reason the #MSM needs to be disrupted…

yeow!! RT @brooklynvegan Bjork playing 10 NYC shows! Six at the New York Hall of Science! (four at Roseland)