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Archive for October, 2010

#nerdalert finally setup hourly incremental rsync backups to nas in both win and mac on my newer laptop. and watched the twin peaks pilot.

finally done. from 22063 songs downloaded over 10 years, picked 80gb (12694 songs) for my iPod. now to listen & review. be back in 34.5 days

How lucky am I, y’allll?!?! Thanks to my sweetheart!

A tear falls with each passing bite, as less pork bun remains in my immediate future.

Sure glad I don’t use a phone that takes non-rechargeble batteries.

paranormal activity (spoiler semi-alert!)… original ending was waaayyyy better.

Yeesh. Just a month ago it was hot. Now I need to buy a new jacket.

Ughhghghgghghhg. Seriously. There are people in NYC that know how to dougie. …So what, I’m am elitist!!!

Yay, finally setup free incoming and outgoing VOIP calls over apartment WiFi through my old iPhone. Bad NYC-AT&T-reception be damned!

All Filipino crew at Gray’s Papaya