Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Up to the millisecond crap about Michael .

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Programmatic Advertising

After you’ve had your fill of death and destruction today, check out this raw footage of Daft Punk’s new song.

In an unsettling coincidence, I was reading this NYT Opinion contribution when I got word of the Boston explosions.

This slideshow is a fairytale picture book for adult gluttons (such as myself). "And he lived happily ever after."

If I had $1m for every time I wasted hours after misreading IEnumerator as IEnumerable in an exception message, I’d be a grumpy millionaire.

If winter is sleep for a hemisphere, I wish this one would take up coffee right about now. #metaphors #torturedmetaphors #torturedfollowers

Tunneling to Freedom without a Jailbreak