Who ordered the scrambled brains?

58 billion served.

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looking forward to the soothing images of Bill and Ted’s 3. End post.

regardless of wealth, race, creed, status, nationality, "IQ", education: all humans share the bond of uncertainty in what the future holds.

Flatbush Ave clock tower of doom.

Just noticed the Worldwide tab on the iPhone foursquare app. West coasters, prepare for some crazy-sexy-cool check-in comments from me.

Convinced that the d-bag density of the Brooklyner breaks some physical constants. Views are the only saving grace.

ASP.NET MVC DRY Tip #23562: when customizing WebViewPage<T>, implement the non-generic version by deriving from CustomWebViewPage<object>.

Some impromptu Joe’s with Joleen.


ok world, i might not be able to create the prettiest wpf apps, but i finally feel like i can create functional & very cleanly designed ones

crossing my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes, and cerebral lobes.