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i swear the music from twin peaks was the basis for the music for final fantasy vii.

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agent cooper said:

yes i definately agree with you i knew i couldnt be the only one who thought both soundtracks shared a very similair theme

dan harris said:

im just watching twin peaks now (netflix) and i noticed right away. im glad someone else heard it too. twin peaks was 1990 and ff7 was 98? i wonder if twin peaks made it to japan a few years late, right around the time the ff7 score was being written.
as a musician id like to add a couple points… .
a) songwriters play what they hear. like that george harrison song…”i really want to know you”…la la la…. the the one he ripped from that 60s girl band.. its happened before
b) those are not common chord changes, thats why we all recognized them

Mike McG said:

Great insights, thanks for stopping by!

Spekkio said:

Definetly! This finger-snapping soft dark jazz music in the background, definetly Twin Peaks inspired :) I love it! music composed by two geniuses A.Badalamenti with David Lynch by his side.

melie said:

Omg.. So true! I’m watching Twin Peaks for the first time now (and FF7 is my favourite game ever, along with the Metal Gear series).
From the beginning I felt this strange familarity with the soundtrack and then suddenly the fingersnapping track began and it hit me; Final Fantasy 7! Everything in that game sounds like it could be from twin peaks, from the start screen to the finger snap, the Aeris song… Everything. Just Google’d this and found your post. Nice to know I’m not the only one to think this.

Max said:

I played FFVII in 1998, but didn’t watch Twin Peaks until last year, and I immediately heard parallels between them, specifically the opening theme music AND the finger-clicking ‘Turks’ style music. I’d be curious as to whether Nobuo Uematsu cites Twin Peaks as a personal inspiration. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me!

I’m watching Twin Peaks for the second time now, and was curious as to whether other people thought the same. Glad to see it’s not just me! :D

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SuDiB said:

I think a lot of people are interested in twin peaks now that there is talk of some renewed deal in 2016 and mentions in Parks & Rec. Started binge watching today and couldn’t stop thinking about the similarities and glad to know someone else was thinking it. Expect a few more visits!! :)

Mike McG said:

Thanks for stopping by! Definitely an uptick in visits related to this. I really hope the new season retains the same musical style.


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