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My sleep schedule has been annihalated. I just finshed a 12-hour coding spree. Got moblogging to work with the help of this blog entry. Got “Email article” and “Printer friendly” links working, modified from code available here. Added my little face icon next to all my comments. Upgraded the subscribe to post’s comments feature, which now allows you to subscribe without actually commenting. That upgrade required me to upgrade the entire Wordpress engine to 1.5.2. Changed a lot of the fonts. Fixed the sizing of large images on Internet Explorer per this information. And lastly, my dad pointed out that all the timestamps for comments were off by an hour; the simple UPDATE wp_comments SET comment_date=DATE_ADD(comment_date, INTERVAL 1 HOUR) SQL command did the trick “quick-snap” as Mike Skinner would say. The only thing that remains desired is an archive index like this, as well as the ability to moblog voice recordings from my phone (as my dad challenged me here). Anyway, I’m going to sleep.

Update: I also added some code to show the time and date of any updates made to a post, under the “Created” line. Lots of changes, lots of potential bugs. So let me know if you discover any, por favor. My coding vanity is nearly satisfied… for now!

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