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Testing my phone as a way to post new entries. hope it works.

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Natalie said:

Hmmm, posted at 2:37 pm………yet still in his Jammies….??

Natalie said:

Wait, I take that back…….hmmm, posted at 2:37 pm…..yet still in the t-shirt he wore yesterday and his PJ pants…….??

Mike McG said:

What!! How would you feel if I told the world about how you didn’t shower for a month? Hurts when the truth gets out, doesn’t it?

Tara Bartolome said:

I think that the two of you should keep certain things in between the sheets. Just because I love you both, doesn’t mean that I don’t think that the two of you are aren’t completely disgusting. heh.

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Mike McG said:

“Jammies”? What are you talking about? I had just returned from a business meeting. And I sealed the deal, too.

Tom said:

What? No podcasting? How long would it take to record “Testing my phone as a way to post new entries. hope it works. “?

Tom said:

Posted at 2:44? It’s 3:44 pm PDST…

Mike McG said:
Mike McG said:


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Mike McG said:

OK I fixed all the times. I had configured a setting wrong which cause all the comment times to be stored an hour off. I had to modify the database directly to fix the problem. Thanks for noticing this! All date and times are appearing correctly now.

Can’t believe it took 6 months to notice that!

Roshan said:

I like how your website appears in your picture reflected in a mirror. It’s like one of those pictures where the person is holding…the exact same picture!

Mike McG said:

Yes! Look at the monitor(s)! Anything to deflect your attention from my wretched attire.


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