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A new use for a blog!

I credit my decline in blog posting to the effect of social networking. You go where your audience is, and where the discussion is, and I must admit my blog couldn’t compete on those criteria with social networks. Hence, I have been writing, but mostly on social networks.

The drawback of social networks is two-fold (and well covered): 1) the format prefers superficiality, and 2) substantial content (as in content with substance) is indistinguishable from superficial content, especially as time goes on. Both have impacted me. I do tend to offer superficial analyses, but when I delve deeper, the content is essentially lost given time.

So I’m going to start repeating myself. Whenever I post something on a social network having substance, I’ll repost it on my blog. Kills two birds with one stone (the second bird death being the survival of my blog). My blog is now a consolidated compendium of deeper thoughts. This also applies to the many in-depth comments I’ve posted on other blogs over the years (which can be gleaned from my HackerNews and Disqus contributions).

This is probably motivated by the fact that I’m drawn to participate in these conversations, but that my time is extremely limited right now given my startup. Thus, to extract more value out of those conversations, I can at least preserve them here.

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Gerald Tejada said:

How’s the startup going?! Miss you cuzin

Mike McG said:

Geh-dald! Startup is progressing slowly but surely. I wish I could move faster! It’s stressful knowing I have a time limit (before I have to go back to work and replenish the funds).

Miss you too man! I’ll be out there end of the month for a few days! See you then.


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