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How to print MSDN Magazine articles

I almost died trying to figure out how to print an article off the vapid publishing engine that is the msdn website today. Firefox won’t print beyond the first page. IE won’t print the collapsed regions. Saving the page to a file and editing the styling on the collapsed regions seems to work fine in IE until you try to print and nothing appears. Now that’s what I call annoying!

I finally set upon the task of finding out why Firefox only prints one page. It turns out it’s the utterly pointless “overflow: auto” style set on the body tag. Why oh WHY is that there in the first place? So here’s how to print an MSDN Magazine article off the MSDN website.


  • Firefox
  • Firebug
  • MSDN article
  • These instructions
  • Printer

Using Firebug, find and inspect a collapsed region. It will have a class of “MTPS_CollapsibleSection”. Then use the Firebug interface to add the following rules to that class.

display:block !important;
height:auto !important;

Next disable the “overflow” rule on the body tag.

Optionally, open the Print Preview and select 125% under the Scale dropdown.

Finally, print, without dying. Remember to do 2 pages per side to save our dearest Mother Earth.

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