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Temporary Digs

I’ve been meaning to overhaul my blog/web presence for some time. It’s been a busy summer but I hope to start it next month. In the meantime, I’ve been getting into the swing of “lifestreaming“, mainly with twitter, a bunch of bookmarklets for some link sharing services (digg, Google Reader, delicious), and last.fm. I’m using Swurl to aggregate it for your consumption. So until I overhaul this old dump, I’ll be residing at my Swurl page Update 2010-05-02: Well Swurl closed down long ago. Since then I’ve added Last.fm and foursquare data, which will have to tide over you vast masses of followers until I upgrade Wordpress properly.

Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates, and make sure to check out my community opinion social networking project, Blocvox.

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