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Windows annoyance brings new feature to the SB

New feature on the SB called “Now that’s what I call annoying!” Like “Now that’s what I call music” but much improved. It’s a phrase I hear myself saying all the time, and now you will be saying it too (that is if you read my posts out loud as you should be reading them). Yeah, it’s a thin veil for my whining, something I’m sure many of you coinidentally find annoying to read. But… it’s a veil nonetheless. I’m a little hesitant because it might end up being equivalent to the Mike’s Morsels category, as I may be inclined to offer my suggestion each time for dealing with the annoyance. But I wanna take that risk, live on the absolute bleeding edge of life and information, and leave it up to chaos theory/fate/predestination to see where it goes. You could say this feature has a life of it’s own now, to which I can only reply that I hope it lives it honorably.

(This actually brings about a new mini-feature. You’ll notice I used the phrase “the SB” to refer to Who Ordered the Scrambled Brains? That’s it. The new mini-feature is just the introduction of “the SB” into the vernacular. It’s a simple marketing/branding tactic that is sure to make your many conversations about the SB amongst your peers, cronies and henchmen, more succinct and enjoyable.)

On with the show!

You ever leave your computer on overnight with files open and what not, and come back in the morning to see that you have been logged out? Happened to me this morning, and the culprit in my case was Windows’ Automatic Update feature. It caused my computer to reboot this morning at about 3:00am, which is when I have it scheduled to install updates. Allegedly it did display at 5 minute warning that the machine would be rebooted, but I was sleeping 3 miles away at the time. What kind of operating system requires rebooting to update itself? Ok, well, if they were kernel changes then that’s acceptable. So this is the thing, if you have Windows configured to automatically download and install updates, Windows will reboot the machine whenever a “critical” update comes down the shoot. Critically insane, if you ask me. Luckily I had saved all my changes, but what if I hadn’t? What would have happened to all my unsaved changes? They’d be gone! That’s right, gone! Now that’s what I call annoying!

Mike’s Morsel: Configure Windows to download and notify you of the update, but not actually install it for you. That way you have control over the required reboots.

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