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In Brief: As seen on TV, etc.

Ok, some thoughts real quick on working out. For those that don’t know, I joined Bally’s a couple weeks ago. I went twice the first week then took a week off ’cause I was sick (such annoying timing!). Last time I went, on the 15th of April (10 days ago) I weighed out at 163lbs, which is consistent with what I weighed a couple days prior to that as well as what I weighed back in December. Ouch. That’s pretty bad considering my freshman year of college I weighed 135lbs., and about a year and a half ago I weighed 145lbs. Well today I weighed out at 158lbs! Granted, weight fluctuates a lot with daily food intake, but wow! It really works! Just like on the commercials! Now that is motivation for me to get back in there and work even harder!

Today’s stats: 247 calories, 2.3 miles, 23 minutes, 182bpm before cool down, which is 93% of my estimated maximum heart rate, meaning that was a very intense work out.

I got to thinking what else motivates me, ’cause when you’re 3/4 the way done with your workout you need something to push you. Of course there’s music. Finding the beat and drawing from it can really keep you going. But that’s unreliable ’cause if you don’t carefully plan your playlist because a lackadaisical song can have the opposite effect, draining you of your stride. A recurring thought while I was running was, “Be perfect.” And of course that’s naive, but it was simple enough while I was running to keep coming back to for motivation. But I think the truth upon which that thought is based is the notion that for whatever goal I adopt, I should not only take every opportunity that arises to fulfill that goal, but I should do so 100%. There are only so many hours in the day, so time usage is what self-improvement depends on. (So “Be perfect” was more a statement of “perfect” execution than elitism or superiority.) I have quite a number of these goals right now, including those that aim to free myself from vices and those that aim merely to enrich myself. Hopefully I’ll blog about those soon.

Real quick, however, one such vice is my diet. It’s atrocious. It’s so much harder for me to restrain myself from going to campus eatery Luvalle Commons to get the grease-dripping breakfast sandwich and tater tots than it is for me to go to the gym and burn 250 calories in 25 minutes. Amazing! What gives?!

Hopefully I’ll also start development on my social health tracking website. Hehe. Had to throw “social” in there to make it Web 2.0.

Coachella this weekend! I’m ready to beat the heat with my new straw cowboy hat hahahaha — I’m not joking. Now I’m off to watch my good friend Vince (significant other of Sonia mentioned recently) in a club roller-hockey match, and then go out to the Little Cave in Highland Park to celebrate his 25th birthday (the last stop on the April birthday bus).

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