Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Surgeon General's Warning: Consuming brains is hazardous to your health.


As if these stories here and here weren’t enough, I just drove by the event, talked to a yellow-jacketted security lady, and confirmed unequivocally that the event has been cancelled. Why? “The Fire Marshal shut us down because we couldn’t run the electric in the rain.” Interesting, ’cause that contradicts the LAFD blog.

Hope this helps any of you random folks hip enough to use technorati when Google fails. I have a (bad) photo of the non-event, but email from my phone is coming through slowly these days.

Visitors, feel free to share your revised plans about how to spend the last hours of this waning year, and the first hours of the waxing next. Me, I’m not sure what I’m doing now.

Update: More confirmation from the ticket seller. You could also call the Los Angeles Citywide Services Directory at 311.

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