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Pomegranate Reds

picture of a pomegranateNow I know what Holly Golightly must have had on her mind when she coined the phrase “the mean reds” to refer to being down in the dumps. No, she wasn’t talking about the Soviets, but rather she must have just finished a glass of pomegranate juice–the devil’s juice if there ever were such a thing. Mike’s Morsel: Don’t drink pomegranate juice; it’s expensive and tastes like ground monkey testicles.

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Natalie said:

but isn’t the taste of “ground monkey testicles” worth it?



besides, some cultures consider “ground monkey testicles” to be a delicacy AND they don’t even knock out free radicals like a lil pomegranate does…….so drink up johnson, drink up

Roshan said:

I tried those Pom pomegranate juices because they’re free at work…I certainly wouldn’t pay $2-4/bottle. You can take like 2 sips and its alright, but it starts tasting gross after. As a juice it doesn’t stand up to the mighty orange. I must say though, it sure is nice to feel those free radicals being destroyed in my epiglotus!

Jeff said:

While I’ve never tasted monkey testicles I would have to say that your description fits. If comparing it to something that I have tasted then I would have to say that it’s a cross between earwax (i was young) and rancid mayonnaise covered cow eyes (i was drunk and it sounded good). I’ll stick with my blueberries to fight the free radicals. Besides, I live in a smog filled city, would the pomegranates really beat out decades of smog damage to my system?


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