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Doodads and Such

Just a quick post to update you on the doodads around this place. First off, a couple months ago I added a “shout box” or “comment box” or “chat box” or whatever the hell you want to call it, to the sidebar. You can use it to leave a quick message for me, or have a little chat conversation, or whatever. Leave me a message. It’s like the freakin’ MySpace comments, but better, ’cause it’s not on MySpace. It’s like leaving me a comment on a blog entry, but now you don’t need to wait for an interesting blog entry to leave a message. NO EXCUSES NOW. For you nerds, the chat box is AJAX-enabled so updates are instantaneous without postback. It’s adapted from this code.

Second, all the headings on the sidebar are gangster-ized. Shout Outs represents the chat box; Holla Back: most recent comments; Oh, Snap!: moblog preview; Word: various non-blog writings; Yo’s N Such: blogs I find special; Bling: site resources; Tagged: blog categories; and In The Day: blog archives. There, site navigation all clear. NO EXCUSES NOW.

What else? Added little fuzzy-time stamps to the quick view sections on the sidebar, such as the chat box, the most recent comment list, and the moblog preview. Added Dwight Schrute’s Schrute-Space blog. That guy’s got some interesting points.

Look forward to a site-redesign in the coming months, as well as some other pet projects I’ve been cooking up to help me learn RubyOnRails (it might as well be one word, these days).

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Natalie said:

I have lots of advice to give you with regards to this blog entry.

You stated that the chat box is AJAX-enabled. So I was wondering if you could somehow make it Basement AJAXx-enabled so updates are instantaneous with postback and stream “ive di life you love love di life you live”.

While I enjoy your “gangster-ized” sidebar, I would suggest a title change for the most recent comments section. You see, the problem I face is this: If I make a comment on your blog and it is the most recent comment that will place my comment under the “Holla Back” heading. This would in turn make me a “Holla Back” girl. And I’m pretty sure I ain’t no holla back girl. I ain’t no holla back girl.

Thanks for adding Schrute’s blog. I suggest that you, like Dwight, make a blog entry on mankind and robotics. I think that it is important for today’s youth to have an open forum in which they can safely discuss their fear surrounding our certain future of walking/talking/defacating coffee pots.

I’m no novice to the programming world, so may I suggest that when choosing variable names….try my favorite: GOD.



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