Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Just one of many ways Mike has found to waste time.

Deadline to Freedom

OK. Here’s the deal. I’m trapped in a room with nothing but two textbooks and a computer. The only way out is to present a satisfactory essay explicating the constitutional history of the right to privacy to the Satan-worshipping court enthusiasts that have imprisoned me. The catch: the room is hermetically sealed, with only enough oxygen to last exactly 14 hours. That gives me till 1:00pm tomorrow afternoon to come up with some quality stuff. My life is on the line, so it’s a grave situation indeed. (No pun intended.) We all know I’m predisposed towards blogging and programming when I’m seriously pressed for time. So, in the interests of my life, I am hereby self-imposing an injuncture against any and all further Scrambled Brains activity for [dramatic pause] the next 14 hours. Hopefully at that time, I will still be here with you all on Earth to recount the story of my captivity. FREEEEDOOOMMM!!!

1:52am: It’s 1:52am and I’m still going strong. True to my word, I haven’t touched the blog in… almost three hours now! Here’s to three more!

2:51am: Damnit. In the process of… uh… researching stuff, I discovered that my iBook is malfunctioning. I’ve been having problems with it halting for the last two weeks now. Now it will not complete the boot process. Even running the disk repair tool on the installation CD locks up. I’m thinking either bad memory or mobo mobo. Although the problem could be mechanical in nature since I carry it with me (carefully) to class everyday. GRRRRRRR! God this is annoying.

8:49am: 8:49am and I’m still going crazy. Wait. I mean, strong. I’m still going strong. Yeah. No… I was right in the first place. Need sleep. Going crazy.

10:00am: Wow, as I just grasped for my goblet of Dr. Pepper, the likening of me to a unrestrained alcoholic flooded my brain. Indeed, as the alcoholic drinks to loosen up but overshoots this and instead becomes inebriated, I was drinking to sharpen my wits and, in overshooting this, was growing more and more cuckoo! You know what they say: Fine line between pure eloquent genius and utter chaotic insanity. OK, so far so good. I haven’t touched the blog at all tonight!

12:16pm: Whoo! I discovered a hole under the computer in this room and I’ve escaped! Just kidding. I finished the paper. Now I’m freeee! Just like those mattresses in the Sit ‘n Sleep commericals! Summer school is finally over! Party time! Hey guys, when’s the KROQ concert again? Next weekend? Great!

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Ken said:

The irony is that your posts proclaiming your self-restraint demonstrate the lack of it! OOOOOOOOOHHH!!! (Said in the “oh no he didn’t” tone of voice.)

Does the end of summer school also mean the end of school?

Mike McG said:

Alas, no. I have one more full quarter. After that I still need to fulfill my foreign language, but I plan to do that at community college at night so I can finally fulfill something more important: my lifelong dream to join the American workforce!

Mike McG said:

Btw, that was the joke, me obliviously blogging about how I’m not blogging. Or was your comment merely joking on in the same manner?

How’s it going anyway?

Ken said:

Ya, joke about your joke. Hence the “OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” (snaps fingers three times while moving head about)

Things are going well. Still desperately trying to get my sleeping habits in gear. Sad.


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