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Whoo! I’ve got to write three more pages on consitutionality tests used by the Supreme Court pertaining to equal protection laws and gender discrimination, and only 35 minutes to do so. What did I spend the last hour doing? Setting up podcasting on my website. Yes, I am a focused student with no attention disorders. What’s podcasting? One of a multitude of pseudo-technologies arising out of blogging and XML/RSS (see my RSS Intro). This one basically enables people to subscribe to audio programs using a podcast client. Example:

I’m sitting in my room writing entries into my blog, and I decide I want to spruce it up by offering audio versions of my writing. Yes, that means I record myself reading, nay performing, my work. Then I convert it to MP3 and throw it somewhere on my website. Now how does that recording get to your hard drive and your ears? The old-fashioned ho-hum way of doing this would be to click a link on my page that says “Audio of this entry” or something, and the web browser will download the file. Boring! What if you follow dozens of blogs and they all have audio? You gonna waste your entire day checking each blog for new audio, just to go to sleep and get up the next morning to do it all over again? Heck no, mister! You’d never find the time to eat, much less watch episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Instead, you’re gonna make use of the podcast feed so generously provided by each blog author. To do so, you enter the URL of the blog’s podcast feed into a special program called a podcast client, which explicitly checks all of the feeds you’ve entered for updates and downloads them for you auto-magically. Phew! You can transfer these files over to your MP3-player of choice and enjoy blog entries on-the-go. Now you have time to watch more Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The URL for Scrambled Brains’ podcast feed is http://www.scrambledbrains.net/category/podcasts/feed/. You can use a program like Apple’s iTunes as a podcast client. To get started, check out KCRW’s bomb-ass podcast feed collection, especially the one for Le Show. Oh, man, he who listens to that program is a happy, and informed man. Although those podcasts feeds are of radio programs and not blogs, the idea is the same: subscription to an ongoing set of audio files. Of course, I’ll also be providing the old-fashioned ho-hum way of retrieving the audio files as links at the bottom of my entries. Take a look at my previous entry, Christmas Fever.

OK, time to finish this paper. I actually have two more hours.

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pinsan4 said:

i’m finally aboard! How’s the couch? My sister brought up Madonna Movie Night at your aparte, whutauthink?! I think it could be brilliant so run it by Shaun. Should this comment go under Pinsanz?

Mike McG said:

Hey Gerald, welcome. That couch still needs to be cleaned. Probably get around to it sometime in October. October 2006. JK. I was thinking we could all work up a nice thick sweat cleaning it tomorrow, then go for a round of tennis.

Whoo! Madonna Movie Night sounds hot! Especially the early blockbusters Who’s That Girl?, Desparately Seeking Susan, and Shanghai Surprise! Order some chili cheese fries from Big Tomy’s, perhaps a family pack of rolled tacos from Benitos and we’re set. Give your sis a high-five.

Yeah you could have posted this in Pinsanz. Doesn’t hurt to flesh out the idea somewhere else first though.

shaun said:

“Doesn’t hurt to flesh out the idea somewhere else first though.”

I don’t like when people use the word flesh in this context. Flesh means burger or something of this nature. Please edit your comment. That is if this “thing” has capacity to edit. Which is highly dubious.


www.shauntime.com is currently down for scheduled maintanance.

On topic, I hear a lot about Podcasting from everywhere. My site should have some of that real soon.

Mike McG said:

You can’t edit your comments. That “capacity” as you call it, could make comment discussions incoherent, for example if someone were to go back and completely change a comment to which others have replied.

Can’t wait for… www.shauntime.com.

Mike McG said:

Hey I was thinking, while you’re performing that “scheduled maintanance”, you might consider another domain name for you website: www.barbarianstew.com . Yeah, I was just thinking about what the articles would be like on your blog if you ever got one… and “Barbarian Stew” just came to me. Shaun Time is great, but Barbarian Stew, now that just beckons people to come check it out.

Natalie said:

Just so we don’t forget, I thought I should post some of the other brilliant names that were mentioned tonight:


You’re welcome Shaun, anytime.

PS: Please don’t forget to check out my cool new site www.yangyangsuprise.com.

Mike McG said:

How about kielbasa.kielbasa.kielbasa?! We just need to lobby the ICANN to add kielbasa as a top-level domain. But… I think they’ll understand!

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