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Web Service Interface Generation in .NET

This might be a little bland to many of you, and is certainly not worthy of my first post in many weeks, but I need to write this down somewhere (that is not my hand) lest I forget it and be driven to lose another night’s sleep over it. Prepare yourself, I’m about to unleash a torrent of highly useful, everyday advice upon you! Mike’s Morsel: When creating a stub implementation (i.e. an abstract base class) of a web service interface description, written in WSDL, using the wsdl.exe tool in the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK (v1.1), you must pass to wsdl.exe on the command line all WSDL and XSD files that are referenced by xsd:include, xsd:import, or wsdl:import entities in the interface description.

This juicy tidbit isn’t mentioned anywhere (that I could find) on Microsoft’s Developer’s Network. In fact, this MSDN guide includes instructions to the contrary! I can’t tell you how frustrating this was, but the fact that I worked on this till 7:00am this morning should be a decent indicator. The wsdl.exe tool was generating all sorts of weird crap (e.g. claiming my XML Schema identifiers were unqualified, or not properly type-ing the interface class members). I hope by republishing this information I can save some of thine sleep hours. Thank God for Mr./Ms. (?) Raghu, who miraculously revealed this secret on this page, most certainly passed to him divinely by none other than God Almighty, our l33t Father of Saintly h4×0rs himself, perhaps through a vision, a dream, or CRT phosphor burn-in. And hey, who knows, I might be the next geek prophet. Which is why I’ve decided to disable my screen saver. …And turn up the brightness and contrast on my monitor TO THE MAX!


(Ahhh! Blinding light! Sunglasses, present yourselves at once!!! For the love of God, present yourselves!)

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Tara Bartolome said:

Oh My God!!!! Are you fucking kidding me?????? I called you last night with Mac problems, which by the way I got reamed for by Marco. You must think I’m a complete fucking moron. ’stub implementation’? that must be hacker jibber-jabber code talk for ‘those of you that have no idea what i’m talking about, the world is going to end tomorrow at appox 11:53 pm’.

I think that only a select few can truly comprehend your genius as well as appreciate your complete insanity.

1) Natalie
2) me
3) uhhhh, anyone……anyone????, will someone please put their name here so mike doesn’t get a complex.


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