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Back Online

After a friggin’ annoying three weeks, I am back online. I can’t tell you how frustrating and annoying it is to not have connectivity after relying on it in so many ways, particularly this website, email, and file storage. But then again, I probably don’t need to tell you. You, dear reader, have relied on this website for your scrambled brain needs since April. I apologize for the inconvenience, starvation and seizures this interruption has most certainly caused.

What brought about this three week interruption? Well, the phone company disconnected the phone line in my apartment… after my roommate failed to pay the phone bill for four months. Yes, four months. And that’s all I’m really comfortable saying about that in a public space.

OK scrambled brainers! Get ready for a tidal wave of fun! (In the form of posts. …What? That’s not fun to you?)

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d.marcus said:

alas, we have a place of refuge from the mundanity of life…. haha

d.marcus said:

yeah, i realize that “mundanity” is not exactly a word…but it’s not like I can edit my post by the time i click submit…now can I? hehe. hope all is well with you mike.

Mike said:

Marcus, your reputation as perfect typist, as well as your reputation as perfect linguist, is cromulent no longer!!

I’m fine. As usual, living stressfully.

Tara Bartolome said:

‘mundanity’……………heh, that was fucking great. I am laughing so hard i peed a little. obviously articulation and very big words (heh..) only run in our family.


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