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Stop hurting America… ah, what do I care?

So I’ve added some preliminary puffery pages to the Site (yes, capital S, like God with a capital G). You can access them on the right-hand menubar. I really look forward to filling them in with actual content, and I know you look forward to that too. I’m giving myself the week of spring break to get some of that done. In addition, I hope to build some PHP-based web applications and make them available there. I haven’t thought of anything in particular yet, but I’m thinking something “cell-phone enabled”, that uses email or SMS for interaction.

In addition I added that randomized quote generator that produces the spiffy subtitles at the top of each page. (This was done using the donkieQuote plugin if you’re interested.) Along with it I changed the header graphic, as you noticed. I hope. I replaced it with a photo of a diner that I will only describe as smarmy. I got it from this post on the eggbaconchipsandbeans blog. Thanks, person!

So what else is new? … Hehe, that reminds me of the awkward conversation killer “So what else can I ask you?” Yeah… Hehe, it’s not awkward now though, even though I just said that to you… (Don’t panic, Mike, hold it together. This is only your third post! It’ll get easier.)

I just got back from my Linguistics final. I’d say it went well. Although I sat down to study for it on numerous occasions, I only actually studied for about 10 minutes. And that’s why I showed up 10 minutes late. Hrm. Anyway, it went well. Easy class. I think I would have found linguistics easier and more interesting than political science. Nah, political science is more subjective and therefore formal instruction is more important to learning it. Hold on, need some water - headache encroaching.

Other things on the agenda: I got all the parts for my new! …ish computer. I RMA’d my dad’s broken motherboard and I got the replacement! Whee! And my $55 Crucial CL3 PC3200/400 CL3 512MB DDR-RAM. I really needed this upgrade as it will finally allow me to run Firefox and Winamp contemporaneously! (Check that word off my list.)

Gotta run, but one more quick media comment regarding the Terri Schiavo case (summary: lady in coma 15 years, on assisted feeding, husband claims she would’ve preferred to die, parents disagree). Recall the Jon Stewart v. Crossfire Plea: “Stop hurting America” he implored of the shouting heads that host the show. In the Schiavo case, it seems that the media has ignored the main issue. They focus on the process (the trials, subpoena’s) and the drama (judge vs legislators, left vs right, parents vs son-in-law) but have left out the medical aspects upon which all the philosophical hoopla rests. What constitutes vegetative? Can one be both vegetative and still be responsive to some small degree? And is Schiavo vegetative? Then you can ask is it ethical to let a vegetative person die? To not examine these issues leaves the public ignorant and instigates conflict. And don’t get me started on the inappropriateness of Congress subpoenaing someone in that condition.

Next final: Monday, 11:30am. Life Science Concepts. Hehehe.

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