Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Knock knock/Who's there?/Blog/Blog who?/Blog-PUNCHLINE!

Hello world!

First post! And first, many thanks to the Wordpress team, for this Free web-publishing machinery.

Welcome to my fanzine-manifesto-/dev/null on this so-called web. Hehe, my elitism rears it’s head already! You can forget the not-so-clever, over-reaching, pseudo-psensitive, uniqconformist wordplay found elsewhere; they succeed only at embarassing their authors. “Hahaha!” Such novelty is the older sibling who stands on his head in a bid to regain the attention lost to a newborn. Ironic, no?

No. Ideas trump rhetoric. So this webplace will be the nursery to my ideological incubator. But in this nursery, the shallow, the narrow, and the too-serious are… euthanized. The rest are e-immortalized, discharged into the ideasphere, to be dialectically distilled, debugged, synthesized.

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Tom said:

Great site. Refreshing. Current. Looking forward to graduation announcement. Say no more (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
Tom -FOB


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