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Dug St. Vincent on SNL. Great to see Indie musicians take themselves seriously, despite that folky hokey ‘muricana tidal wave.


Lamorne Morris’ portrayal of Winston restores my faith in humanity every week. Genius!



Yoga was full, so I ran high-intensity intervals. If you can’t join em, beat em.

Thank goodness I didn’t go to Coachella. If I saw this, I would have died. #phew

Blocvox.com is a fun way for communities to overcome misunderstanding and misrepresentation by others!

Need a pick-me-up? Forget caffeine, try adrenaline: skip to 1:40 in the new 1st-person view of the stratos. jump. :O

Diggin this Bombogenesis (or as its working title, Phil Collins’ Reggaeton Side Project).

“Polar vortex”? “Bombogenesis”? Winter needs a better PR firm. #cryoblasteroids