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Surgeon General's Warning: Consuming brains is hazardous to your health.

We Fight Each Other, Now the Youth Fight Us

History has presented to civilization a threat so global, so existential, and so readily verifiable, that it’s not possible to concoct a more clear cut and obvious reason for us to put aside differences and join together — to fight together.

And yet even in light of such a simple and compelling set of circumstances, there are some among us that react with such fear and weakness that rather than reckon with the consequences of their actions, they would actually politicize and question a basic principle of reason — one of the most beneficial discoveries ever — the Scientific Method, to which so many advances in medicine, safety, and quality of life can be credited. What does it say about humanity, that such a crisis can’t motivate united action?

But I am inspired by the images I’m seeing in the news today from across the globe. The truly courageous, and those in the greatest danger — our youth — are forcing us to reconcile our fear and weakness with the catastrophe we are leaving for them, and to admit the selfishness of inaction against a reality that won’t affect us but will impose on them a harsh quality of life, a desperate scramble for limited resources, and the specter of world war. It’s another example of the strength of the youth and the weakness of the rest of us — my faith in them is unwavering.

Let’s heed their cry. We have to unclench the fist before we can work hand in hand. It takes courage. Tune in to the climate protests today if you forgot what that looks like.

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