Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Documenting the only time in his life in which he has the time to document his life.

Keep the Proof Powerful

Hard to process the recent news. Another wave of proof – proof of the toxic ugliness woven into our country that has long been refuted or normalized. Another wave of the proof that yanks the spotlight of national attention. Another wave of the irrefutable and the graphic, that has forced credibility to be conferred upon the oppressed and the ignored.

The news is hard to process, but these waves of proof should not be normalized. We cannot become comfortable with them, desensitized to them. They are real and they are stark - they are unjustified deaths of black people at the hands of law enforcement. I can and therefore, at the least, I will inform myself about each new and particular way this nightmare plays out. I am not among those entitled to fatigue of proof.

It may be hard to process, but we must try all the same. Become knowledgable about this weeks events. It may strengthen and reaffirm your commitment to take whatever actions and apply whatever pressure and provide whatever support you can, whenever the opportunity presents itself, in big ways and small, in the short term and the long, as a person with the specialized skills and resources and privilege you have and just as a person with a heart.

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