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.@RadioLab Wow. What arrogance. And people argue there’s enough diversity in higher education? #goodbyeradiolab

My neighbor’s excessive incense has succeeded in excessively incensing me.

Hmm. Either my neighbor is burning a forest of sage, or my nose has gone utterly insane. #apartmentwars

At this rate of acceleration, by the end of April 2013 Apple will be announcing new iPads on a daily basis. Simply amazing.

R: I’ll label China a currency manipulator, tell my admin. to give Iranian diplomats the Silent Treatment, and bite my thumb at evildoers.

Romney wants trade war w/China, b/c it’s that simple & who cares if it’s really caused by our addiction to Chinese credit.

Anyone else notice the flip-floppy nature of Romney’s tie?

R "I fully support the distant, imprecise, piecemeal destruction of foreign lands and people with drones."

First O didn’t want to win. Now R doesn’t. Life imitates art. #freakyfriday

O: "Iranian revolution was against everything civilized people stand for, like funding/ inciting a revolution & installing a puppet ruler."