Who ordered the scrambled brains?

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Archive for December, 2011

They’re baaaaaaack.

Guess which one is ours…

[obligatory violent reaction to new ui at twitter.com.] #entitled

Anticipating @jtabije sparking citywide riots with his legendary #SisqoSandwich during his set @SafariSundays’ holiday party. #thongsetthong

"Duck punching": greatest programming term of all time?

Android tablet has forever solved my problems of boredom on the subway. #FF7 #psx4droid

Going to see a girl about a #cornflake.

rooted nook color (cyanogenmod) + nc bt tether app + jailbroken iphone + tetherme app = $125 mobile android tablet!

Today it is Friday. What’s a ballin’ programmer to do but open a bottle of bubbly? #nerddranks

death by a thousand javascript syntax bugs.