Who ordered the scrambled brains?

58 billion served.

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As so eloquently put by the unstoppable Ms. Rebecca Black, today it is Friday.

suh-weet! MacFUSE + iPodDisk + fix (http://bit.ly/w2OaY1) makes music stored on iPod importable into iTunes for iTunes DJ/Genius/Remote app!

Faces stuffed.

Not sure if 8oz of coffee can turn the gears of the rusted 18th century locomotive that is my brain at the moment.

Got up at 3:20am (1hr zzz): check! Got all our crap in a cab: check! Officially gone plumb crazy: check checkity check check check. (Check.)

bahahahaha! godaddy no longer supporting #sopa. i think there’s a lesson somewhere in there for #occupy…

amused by the feverish opportunism exhibited by domain registrars in response to GoDaddy’s expression of support for #SOPA

Note to self: tonight transfer my GoDaddy domain registrations elsewhere, per . #sopa

Imagine anyone can block any website’s access to credit card payments. Learn about #SOPA, a bill now in Congress bit.ly/tzsoSs bit.ly/vs5rPV

Melancholia = Solaris collides with Last Year at Marienbad. Beautiful if abstruse.