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Archive for November, 2011

finally found something vim can do that other editors can’t: show all modifications made to an open file since the last save! :w !diff % -

hopes he didn’t interfere with the NYC DOT’s 11pm-2am **milling of the street surface** outside his apartment last night by trying to sleep.

#argh. No downtown 4 5 6 service below 86th. Station displays aren’t reflecting this & audible announcements aren’t being made. #nyc #mta

Fall, Madison Square Park.

sweet! Postbox supports Mozilla Lightning! crazy offline syncing action, here i come! iPhone<=>Google Calendar<=>Mozilla Lightning #noicloud

when Outlook & Yahoo Calendar ruled, i avidly supported Mozilla Lightning. after 8 yrs they’ve released v1.0. congrats!

9/11 Memorial

didn’t know jQuery live() was just event delegation on the document. can get better performance by scoping handlers closer to the the source

after letting my Git reading simmer for 6 months, finally trying it again. finding it much easier this time. moral: #goodcookingtakestime?