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Archive for June, 2011

Saw the ST:TNG episode "The Pegasus" last night and was bewildered watching John Locke boss Captain Picard around.

Hipsters under the stars.

The future? #dystopic

The Governor’s "Ball"? #comedicpunctuation

Intrigued by ES5 freeze. Reduces dynamism/testability but increases trust (lib1 can’t alter lib2). Curious of long-term effect on JS culture

today = 1 year in nyc! quite a journey! quite, indeed. (too lazy to for details.) but wow, what, a, journey! and don’t stop believin it was!

i think it’s a travesty that 21st century information culture has determined that if an idea takes more than 140 characters to express, it i

hate the chase site. password lockout is too easy & can’t reuse old passwords so must pick new passwords that are hard to remember. #argh :[

wishing his main squeeze @Chisme_Chica lots of luck in her charity run! RUN! RUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!

email from #jenslekman mailing list. how cool is he?!