Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Just one of many ways Mike has found to waste time.

Archive for March, 2011

woot! silverlight sockets success! on top of that, looking forward to royksopp tonight!

new feature on foursquare: mocking users that moved from LA to NYC!

Finally had me some bangers and mash and green beer. Time to train it a mi casa.

Just finished a lunch meeting in TriBeCa. Now foregoing the subway in favor of spend 30 minutes walking in this beautiful weather.

Warm enough to linger outdoors! The spring is coming!

was gonna post about my morning workout & WPF progress. rather i must say my thoughts continue to be with the beleaguered people of japan.

Adjustment Bureau: insultingly lazy science-fiction “writing”. A creative 13yo could do better. Good acting tho.

why do totino’s pizza roll commercials feel like they’re from another universe?

made myself a snazzy little Lazy<T> subresolver for Castle Windsor so i can depend on a Lazy version of any registered component. cha-ching!