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grammy’s got something right!

never shopping at @ftdflowers again, and much less likely to use @groupon @grouponnyc . and gonna be more diligent :)

MongoDB & RavenDB are nite & day. Less than 2 hrs to integrate with Mongo; Raven took 40 hrs and still didn’t work correctly. #shouldveknown

Seriously shocked at how immature RavenDB is. $600/instance to have my transactions go into a black hole?! And very thin documentation. =/

That’s what I call a ginger fried rice! (Thanks Natalie!)

arggghhghghhghg. Dilemma: full-on CQRS, or just NoSQL?

Kae-dama. F.T.W.

Sitting = bad. Sitting + exercise… still = bad.