Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Brains: It's what's for snack.

Archive for November, 2010

What: tree with lights. Where: somewhere in Boston!

Over the river and through the wood’s, to cousin’s house we go!

Aberfeldy took me out of the worst day of work in 3 months. Wheee for twee!

"kgb can’t get me to talk" lol

I do occasionally miss driving around with no practical reason, particularly in the rain, and with the YYYs.

Weekly noodle&friedrice at rai rai ken with my working lady.

i swear the music from twin peaks was the basis for the music for final fantasy vii.

Came home starving to find a box of homemade treats arrived from my parents. Now I can’t stop eating them.

The Christmas is coming! The Christmas is coming!