Who ordered the scrambled brains?

Insightful and inciteful all in one.

A tip o’ the hat, to ye.

Two thousand nine is finally drawing it’s last wretched gasps before collapsing into a maggot-ridden mess of rotting flesh on my porch. The year that held so much promise is finally retiring, it’s unmovable presence yielding to the unstoppable passage of time. (I believe in China it’s known as the Year of the Wicked Headmistress. “Enrichment through Punishment.”) I’m spending these final reflective, relatively serene hours of 2009 with some Kirin Light. It’s a beverage that I once thought to be a delectable harbinger of good times, but now see it as a premonition of impending metallic aftertaste. Indeed, it leaves you with no more than headache. In doing so it’s the physical analog to the emotional heartache with which 2009 has only left me. Yes, it’s a striking analogy: grand, nuanced, insightful… at least until I concede that after about 2-3 years away from my blog’s admin screen, I’m about as deft rhetorically as a stowaway returning from a fruitless journey at sea is ambulatorily. (That sentence: case in point.)

I’m ending the Year of Kirin Light by jumping back into this blog for another whirl. I feel like I’ve lost something without it. The sense of connection I experience when I project my thoughts to the imagined Reader, with his/her skeptical eye for authenticity, her/his desire to be challenged but respected, and its own wealth of experiences against which mine are measured. That sense, false or not, drives me to explore my thoughts and make sense of those things that stir me, that I may not be stirred but guided by them. So hopefully, we’ll be in each other’s presence more during 2010, Reader.

And that’s all I’ve got for now.

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