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I got a new car!!!

It’s a new 2007 Audi A3! 200-horsepower, 6-speed manual transmission. Black exterior, black interior. Airbags galore. 10 speakers. Four doors (five if you count the hatchback). And four wheels (five if you count the steering wheel).

2005 Audi A3
(2005 model pictured.)

All those previous posts about getting a new car were not mere pipe dreams. Also, congratulations to Natalie, who bought the rights to cruise in the Black Stallion (the Civic I had). Finally, thanks to Shaun for coming up with the moniker of my new car: The Cocoa Express.

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marcusd said:

congratulations on the “cocoa express”! happy riding!

Tom said:

Got GPS?
Set it for 576 E. Cypress St… and take your Folks for a spin.
We’re waitin’

Mike McG said:

No GPS. I’ll have to save up another $3000 before I can find my way out to Covina.

David W said:

Sweet ride yo! Small and manual is definitely the way to go in LA. In NYC, big and automatic. Everywhere you may as well drive a tractor.

Mike McG said:

haha, i wish i could drive a tractor around l.a. it’d probably be the only one in all the roads of the city.


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