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Been so busy lately. So busy. Been planning and testing my server migration, dealing with some “professional administrative matters”, and all the usual work and reading…

But today I damn nearly fell out of my chair, my chest exploding with ecstatic shock, and I must share this: the Coachella’s line-up has been announced, and a grip of my top bands of all time are going to be there:

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Queen (the new band of Blur’s Damon Albarn)
  • Travis
  • AIR
  • Felix da Housecat
  • Rufus Wainwright
  • Björk

My only complaint while I was reading that announcement was that Julieta Venegas wasn’t going to be there. But moment’s later as I read through the extensive list

  • Julieta Venegas!

The organizer’s couldn’t have picked a better line-up if they had surgically removed my brain and interrogated it with a torture probe from the future. I can’t get enough of Julieta Venegas right now, so this is especially poignant.

Of course, those are just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing short of an another planet colliding with Earth will stop me from seeing those bands, but additionally I will try to see: Arcade Fire, Happy Mondays, Decemberists, Manu Chao, the Roots, Placebo, Sonic Youth, Lily Allen, Peeping Tom, Ghostface Killah, and Cornelius.

Following that second tier, I’m sure all of the rest will be good acts. You just can’t plan Coachella too much. As it is, I’m pushing it with that second tier list. Still, it doesn’t hurt to come up with some strategy. So in that vein, my third tier of notable standouts are: Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, DJ Shadow, Faithless, New Pornopgraphers, Crowded House (for that one song, ha!), Damien Rice, Brazilian Girls, Cansei de Ser Sexy, Fountains of Wayne, the Kooks, Blonde Redhead, Gotan Project, Sparklehorse, and of course, the Arctic Monkeys.

Despite Julieta Venegas’ serendipitous appearance on the announcement, I still wish The Streets were on the list. Natalie worthily pines for another Basement Jaxx showing. Maybe they’ll get added. Coachella, after all, has a pretty solid reputation of adding a major act three weeks before the show. Other info: April 27-29 (yes, three days now, not just two) and $249 for a 3-day pass. Wow, it’s almost been a year and I never even got around to writing up the full wealth of experiences from the last Coachella! Ah, that’s life.

Ok, going back into–3–blog stealth mode–2–Hope to be back soon!–1–Oh yeah, one more thing–0–

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Natalie said:

And smile in slow motion
With eyes in love

Mike McG said:

Tú eres para mí
Yo soy para tí
El viento me lo dijo
Con un soplo suavecito

GP said:

i didnt know natalie was into basement jaxx? she just crossed into “cool chick” territory with that revelation.

ill be lookin forward to a gaggle of bands myself, and i especially did like seeing Travis on that list. Ive always wanted to see them live, i dont think ill be dissapointed (unless im like 500 feet away from the stage)

the one person i want to see on that list is Sia….

anyway, time to start the count down, ill be pickin up my 3 day pass. and probably check out camping this time ( no driving in the middle of the damn night for me )

and ill be checkin out those artists your into, thanks for sharing.

Mike McG said:

You’re the second person to mention wanting more acid jazz/Sia/Zero 7/Imogen.

Esteban said:

No Hilary Duff or Good Charlotte? What’s up with that?

Mike McG said:

Yeah, you should start a Hillary Duff at Coachella 07 petition. Or maybe be more realistic… if you start now, Hillary in 2008 should be a lock.

Natalie said:

Damn, you’re a straight shooter! ZING!

Big Zald said:

read the online times this morning…Rage is now included in your show! I’m sure that makes a huge difference. I’d def go to that but not enough POP bands. you know how i roll!

Mike McG said:

Rage is cool, but I have to admit I never really got on that “bad”wagon. Yeah, they were a bit too “bad” for my delicate sensibilities. Why “rage” against a machine when it would be better to try some diplomacy, or failing that, reading it’s instruction manual?

Garen said:

After fumbling with my pen and almost forgetting how to breath, I have to say I’m still utterly shocked that Arcade Fire has lumped into your second tier. Why man, why?

Mike McG said:

Hehe, yeah, long story short, there are tons of great bands out there, and I only have so much room in my head and time on my hands to connect strongly with them. Most of my “all-time greatest” bands have several albums out and have been able to connect with me on the vast majority of them. Sometimes it’s the personalities in the band (e.g. Bjork, or Damon Gough) that really captivate me. I love listening to Arcade Fire, but I don’t really feel like I know the musicians, and the music somehow just falls a bit short of convincing me of their unending greatness. I do look forward to their next album though.


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