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When I went to sleep last night (2:00am), I felt like it was Christmas Eve… I knew when I awoke and checked the headlines, I would like what I saw. It would either be good news (Dems get the House of Reps), or great news (Dems get both Houses). With Rumsfeld out, it turned out to be phenomenal news. That unexpected event conjured the image of an angry mob pulling the rope of a guillotine, across which lay Rummy’s neck attached to a cerberus shared by Bush and Cheney and leashed by Rove from the shadows (I don’t think all of Greek history could have yielded a more frightful manifestation of such a creature). And the proximity to the election shows the striking velocity at which Rove is willing to move to save faces of conservatism and the administration. A stronger warning could not have been elicited by the public to neo-conservatism. As someone that takes seriously his political dignity and political capacity, I feel a strong moral and emotional investment in the government. In one night, 6 years of extreme moral discontent faded and was replaced by jubilation.

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Natalie said:

Like I said…..

Democrats in the H-iz-ouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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