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scoutdix said:

We read about Bottlerock in the Los Angeles Magazine “Restuarant Awards” issue. The entire experience was a disaster. First of all, no one greeted us when we arrived. We chose wine flights from their selection straight off the menu. It took about 20 minutes for the confused looking guy at the counter to bring us our wine. We asked if we could have a cheese plate and were told that “we can’t do that for you.” Then when other people arrived, they were given a cheese plate. We then ordered a bottle of wine, which the same guy rummaged around all over the store for for about 15 minutes, then told us he couldn’t find it. He recommended two other bottles, but did not know the prices. We asked for the prices, but after another 15 minutes, we decided to help him out and we found the bottle ourselves. We confirmed the price with him, and had it opened. Then when we received the bill, we were charged $25 more. We asked the manager to explain this to us and he said that this was a different bottle, despite us having confirmed the price prior to purchasing it. (It was is poor form to charge us the higher price without at least acknowledging their mistake.) We also pointed our some of the problems we had encountered, with the unfriendliness of the staff, the slow service, the lack of food. He had an excuse for everything. He said we came at a time when they weren’t even open for serving wine or food. (This was not explained to us when we arrived. Moreover, when the time came for food to be served, it would have been nice had they said, ok now you can have your cheese plate.) For a place that is new and trying to attract business, I would expect to be treated much better. Overall, Bottlerock was a huge disappoinment and I would not recommend it to anyone unless they clean their act up.

Mike McG said:

Wow that sounds like a nightmare, but thanks for sharing your experience. I hope you didn’t have to travel far for such a big letdown. I’ve been there on two occasions, each time late at night, and found the service acceptable though certainly not thrilling. On the other hand, each time I went with only one other person and we had just a glass each.

Overall, your story is disheartening to hear as a resident of Palms. BottleRock is a two-minute drive, and is one of the few (ostensibly) “nice” places around here. The night life choices have been pretty slim otherwise, but with the art galleries, theaters, cool coffee shops and museums opening, the stage has been set for some change. Maybe in 2007 the maturity of this neighborhood will finally find it’s footing. I’ll lift my glass to that.


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