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Jose Gonzalez


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Mike McG said:

OK, apparently this performer was Matthew Herbert. So there you go, that should explain it for you Jose Gonzalez fans that looked at the picture above and thought “What the hell!? Just look at that! Clearly that’s not Jose Gonzalez!”

Vicente Valencia III said:

Yes, and that’s percisly what I thought, and why I told Mark Floyd to double check who the first artist was. But on the way he ran into you who mistakingly reassured him that the first artist was Jose Gonzalez even though he was very fare skinned and spoke with a heavy British accent unlike the real Jose Gonzalez who had darker skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and played the guitar Spanish style.

Sooooooooooo, what does this all mean ????? Mark Floyd is now stuck with a CD that he likes only so so, and will never ever again in this lifetime be able to find the true CD he was searching for.


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